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After losing all my stuff on my old computer when it decided it didn’t want to turn ever again last August, and somehow losing many emails that would help me find this blog again, plus my life has settled down enough for me to sit down and try and write; I finally found this blog again and have the important notes I’ve needed to write these stories again.  Thankfully, I didn’t lose much in the way of the actual content of each story so I don’t mind starting over now that I have all my notes again. 

Elevator World Basics part four

So this one will be much longer than the others and is the part that will need the most work once I get there.

Level Six- The Paradise level.  This level is for those who have shown genius level intelligence as well as the ability to lead people and be successful.  None are as powerful as Mistress Claudia and everyone usually refers to her for a final decision.  There are only a few people who actually live there, only around 5 but there are a lot of people who work up there.  Mistress Claudia runs all the Hospitals and Research Centers in Ele World.  She will interview Damia after treating her like she was a princess to try and make the young girl drop her guard.  Damia will answer honestly that she has no idea how she came to be in Ele world, but Claudia will not believe her and get angry.  She believes that the key to leaving Ele world could be the Mythical 7th level that is always spoken of in their history books, but it never states how one can get access to that level.  She gets Lyten and Clay to take Damia to the room that was set up for her, and lock her in there.  Lyten takes the order farther than that and beats her when Clay isn’t looking.  When Lyten is about to rape Damia, Clay comes back and pulls his partner off her, ensuring that Lyten attacks him.  Lyten and Clay will battle it out and after losing one arm, Clay will kill Lyten by cutting his head off with his remaining hand.  Damia will try and help him stop the bleeding as best she can and it does eventually stop and she helps him out of the room.  Nitral will have found his way to Damia by this point and the three will try to escape, but Mistress Claudia will have her two faithful assassins keeping watch on the girl and they will intervene and take the trio to their Mistress.  All five of the most powerful people in Ele world will meet up to discuss what to do with the trio, seeing as Damia didn’t belong there, Nitral had been helping her from the beginning, and Clay had betrayed the Devils by killing his partner and helping Damia out.   The leader of the Devils will try and bargain for Clay’s life as Clay is his son, but Mistress Claudia will not hear of it and demand that they be tossed into the exile elevator, which is an old elevator that is used as a punishment.  It is supposed to send them to the Basement of the world where everyone mines for all the minerals that the upper levels use for their everyday life.  The Basement is guarded by many Canines and Felines that have been genetically altered to be larger and fiercer than normal animals as well as be more resistant to attacks.  Only the Devils down there as Security can control them.  It is agreed that the three will be sent down to the Basement and they are pushed into the old Elevator.

~Basement Level- The Prison/Mine level;

As soon as they get down there, they are separated and sent to different areas of the Mines.  Damia is sent to where all the females are, washing the gems off as well as inspecting them.  Clay and Nitral are sent to different mining areas, the guards down there, making sure they are always watched.  Clays stub is stitched up before they put him to work mining.  With no way of getting to each other, the trio makes friends with the people around them, hoping to find a way to escape and get Damia, and all of them, out of there.  Three weeks will go by before anything happens, but eventually, Clay will find out that the canines down there will actually obey him, considering he still smells like a Devil to them and still has his uniform on.  He gets a few of them on his side, before trying his luck with the Felines, finding the same thing. He feeds them some of his food, and his new friends in his area help him out till the animals become apparently loyal to him.  After getting them to distract the other devils down there, Clay finds Damia and then Nitral before rushing to the elevator back up.  That elevator only goes between level six and the basement so it took them right back up to the top.  Once up there, they are greeted by Pax and Trix a pair of fraternal twins that work for Mistress Claudia.

Pax: The older of the two, 46 with Black hair and light blue eyes.  He’s swift and agile and a master with his two daggers.  They are tipped in poison that kills slowly and him and his sister are the only ones who carry the antidote.

Trix: The younger of the pair, 46 with blood red hair and light blue eyes.  Also very swift and agile and works with a scythe like the grim reaper does.  The twins both love their work and only answer to Mistress Claudia, other wise they do as they please.

The twins attack but the canines, having followed Clay, distract them to allow the trio passage.  They get to the main hall, where their “trial” had been held three weeks prior and find Mistress Claudia in there with Clay’s father.  His father will try and coax his son back to his side, but Clay will refuse to listen, making father and son be forced to fight by Claudia.  Clay’s father will throw the fight, putting his body into the way of Clay’s twin blades on purpose, getting his son to kill him without him ever having to draw his child’s blood.  Claudia will rant to them about how they’re ruining all her plans as she tries to summon the twins to help her.  They do come running, but are followed by the canines (Need a specific name for them…as well as the felines can’t just keep calling them canines and felines…) and so aren’t much help.  Mistress Claudia will try to appeal to their greed, believing that everyone wants power and wealth like she does, but it won’t work with these three.   “This world may be vastly different from mine,” Damia will say, “But there are key similarities.  The human race no matter what, will always have people like you in it.  People who believe the only way to be happy is through wealth, power, and control over others.  I don’t believe in that.   I believe that people should feel wealthy through the love of their friends and family.  They should have power over their lives, and not let someone else have it.  No adult should control another, because even the smartest of people can make mistakes and if that person has control over many people, they’re not just compromising their own lives, but the lives of the ones they control as well.  It’s not a good responsibility to have for most of the people who actually do have that responsibility and I for one, believe that I don’t deserve or need that kind of power.”  (Will work on that, but till the part where this will actually be, it’ll work as a good base.)

As she finishes her little speech, a ding will be heard and everyone will look to the wall where there is a mural depicting the legend of the 7th floor of Ele world.  There is a life sized painting of elevator doors there that slowly open up revealing an actual elevator there.  Mistress Claudia will try to run towards it but once she reaches the doors, a bright light will shock her and throw her backwards.  Three beams of light will shine and envelope Damia, Nitral, and Clay, dragging them towards the elevator.  Trix and Pax will try and use their standard issue guns to shoot them, but the light apparently protects them.  Claudia will be the last thing they see as the door shuts behind them.

“She can not enter the elevator as she does not have the qualities of a person worthy,” a voice will tell them.  “She will finish her days in Ele world, as she’s been living them before the young woman showed up in this world.”  The elevator will start to move and when it stops, the door will not open but instead glowing words will appear on the door, simply saying, “Make a wish.”  Damia will wish to go home and the two men with her will wish to go to her world with her.  The doors will then open to a slightly different version of the picture from the second post (First one about Elevator World).  Except there will be no lit flowers or trees, just still water and lots of different stone paths branching off from that one main path.  The stars will be reflected on the water, making it hard to tell which way is up or down without the stone pathways.  The voice will then tell them, “Just follow the main path and you will get home.  I give you fair warning though; step off the path or touch the water even just a tiny bit and the main path will change, sending you to an unknown world and you will have to make your way through that world to get back to this pathway and try again.  I wish you luck.”

They’ll stand there, just looking at the beautiful vision in front of them, till Damia will take the first step forward, saying, “I seriously can’t wait to get home and show you my world.  Let’s get out of here!”  With that, she’ll lead the two down the path.

Second book will start with them on the path and following it while chatting about how long it has been taking.  To them it feels like they’ve walked a long way without really going anywhere since nothing seems to change at all.  Clay will trip on a stone at one point, but since the water doesn’t seem to shift at all, they think they’re alright and continue following the path.  Not long after, the path will end at a doorway.  Damia will open it and peek inside before letting out a sad sigh, saying, “Looks like Clay tripping messed things up, cause I’m pretty certain there aren’t human sized faeries in my world…or two moons in the sky.”

Elevator World Basics part 3 (out of four)

~Mistress Claudia: age: unknown but it’s said she’s actually over 90 years old, and has just found a way to continue to live and look young.  She looks around 35.  She can seem nice and understanding, but is always thinking of ways to get ahead of everyone.  She’s very strict when it comes to work and really thinks that if she could just find a way to get to other worlds easily, she’d be able to take over another world without too much trouble.  She can be very patient in her planning, but once things start rolling, she gets very anxious for it all to be over and loses her temper easily if it isn’t done fast enough.

~Tristan: Age 25 years old.  Golden blonde hair and grey eyes.  Around 5ft 9 inches.  He’s very sweet and understanding of Damia’s plight.  He sees how much his partner Nitral values this girl and decides to join him in helping her get back to her world.  He is more scholarly and likes his books, but also loves music and just dancing outside when it rains. Tristan will die on the 5th level which is what firmly cut all ties that Nitral has to Ele world and he will beg to go with Damia back to her world, so that he can start anew.  

~Level Four- This level is comprised of a lot of different kinds of people.  There’s lots of historians here, due to the fact that all the libraries are here, and all of the higher level schools are on this level.  Housing for all the employees of the businesses and rich people on the higher levels are here as well.  All the Devils and Angelics live on the 5th level but their training academy is on the fourth.   Nitral, Damia, and Tristan will have to hide out in some of the ruins on this floor as they plan out a way to get to the elevator to the fifth floor.  Will have some encounters with Lyten and Clay that will get both Devils interested in Damia, one in a bad way, one in a good way.  Nitral will take a hit by the chain whip at one point and have some issues, increasing their need to get to the fifth level as that is where the hospitals are and Nitral has a friend in one of them.  They leave to go to the elevator, thinking it’ll be guarded, but unknown to them that Clay distracted the guards by saying that the trio was somewhere nearby and getting all of the guards to leave the elevator, saying that he would guard it for them.  Instead, Clay will leave his post when he notices them coming and will let them leave the fourth floor. 

~Level Five- This Level has all the Hospitals as well as all the farms and the housing for the Devils and Angelics.  Nitral will be taken to the hospital that his friend Kat works at.  Real name Katie but she likes being called Kat.  Kat will take measures and try to get them into the hospital unnoticed, but they will be noticed.  Kat stitches Nitral back up and gets him some medicine to take before taking them to her place near the hospital.  This level also houses the shopping centers, like our malls, so she goes and gets Damia a few outfits and extra things to help her blend in some and not catch people’s eyes.  Her long hair is then cut into a pixie cut to help keep her out of sight.  When they are caught by Lyten and Clay, Lyten battles Tristan and kills the scholar brutally before cornering Damia and dragging her off.  Clay battles Nitral and only stops when he hears Damia scream.  Both Nitral and Clay turn to see Tristan dead and Damia being dragged off and Clay runs after his partner while Nitral breaks down seeing his boyfriend dead.  Nitral is quickly dragged off by Kat thinking that she should get him out of sight so he isn’t killed as well. Damia is knocked out and taken to the top floor, the sixth level to meet Mistress Claudia.


So there’s part 3 of it all, what do you guys think??

Elevator World basics part 2

So here’s a little more of the basics to Elevator world, I’m still tweaking so I apologize for the roughness.

~Level 3- The Sanctuary/Industry Level:  Here, Damia will first be taken to The Sanctuary which is closest to the elevator door.  There, it is assumed she will be safe while trying to figure out a way home.  Nitral, who is intrigued by her, will take her to a few secret friends of his and gets them to help hide her.  Meanwhile, the “Devils” are sent to the Industry area to recruit people to help find her.  This is the Level that Damia will spend the most time on, before moving on to the fourth floor when she is found.  Its here that the 2 main Devils will be introduced; Lyten, and Clay

~Lyten:  30 years old, 6 ft 5 in.  Dark short red hair and grey eyes.  He’s got black skeletal wings tattooed all over his back and he takes his role in life very seriously and frankly relishes in it. Really loves his chain whip that he uses and never goes anywhere without it.  Lyten will gain a bit of an obsession with Damia that makes his partner feel like he has to keep a closer watch on him.

~Clay: 25 years old, midnight blue hair and light green eyes.  He has a Black and Blue Tiger tattoo on his back and is more laid back than his partner.  He originally tried to be an Angelic but was recruited as a Devil due to his abilities as a fighter and with his dual swords.  Clay will be intrigued by Damia’s ability to adapt to the situations presented to her and will sort of secretly protect her from his partner when he starts to take an unhealthy obsession with her.  Will end up killing his partner and becoming Damia’s protector.  Will have to go on the run with her and ends up leaving with her.

            ~~Continuation of Level 3:  The Industry region is built of multiple towns brought together into one huge city with a tall skyscraper in the very middle.  Everyone there is an inventor, scientist, anything that has to do with coming up with ideas using ones own knowledge.  All the laboratories and factories are here.  It’s covered by a dome that has a filtration system in place so that the air is cleansed before leaving the dome so as not to pollute the air or the forest nearby that houses the Sanctuary.  Lyten and Clay go there to get a new invention that is supposed to be able to find someone that’s not from that world.  The richer people of Ele world want Damia to try and figure out how to use her to get to other worlds and take them over, namely, the most powerful woman or person actually, Mistress Claudia.  Damia is trained with a steel blade fan and taught some basic self defense, but is found before she can truly learn much and is taken away to level four by Nitral and his lover, Tristan.

Mythicals Characters


These are the basics to the characters for my Mythicals story currently.

Phobia: Arachnophobia, name: Coralee Higgens – Past name: Ka’meenah

            Physic- Alicorn

            Faults:  not very clean, Takes things way too personally sometimes.  Crooked nose maybe broken once and never healed right and scar on collarbone.

            Blond with black highlights. Green eyes that will change to purple

            Accidentally make a friends cat go bald.

            Got pregnant at 14 when going out with a blind date.  Made him willing with Physic abilities and made him not use protection so she could feel what it was like to be pregnant.  Had to have it terminated so she could survive since it started growing in tubes instead of womb. Her best friend Seraphina knows of her abilities.

            Personality: Hyper, spontaneous, gets bored easily and sometimes gets cranky because of it.  Part of the popular crowd at school due to looks and family being rich but really can only name Seraphina as a real friend.


name; Seraphina Sisk- Telophobia (Fear of definite plans.) – Past name: Delia

            Elemental Faerie

            Faults: VERY shy and rarely talks besides to her best friend Coralee. 

            Pink and Purple hair with black roots that will change to silver with purple and blue streaks. Eyes change color depending on mood, but are usually blue or green.

            Found out she was different by growing an ice wall in front of her and stopping a truck from hitting her when she was crossing the street.  She then made all the witnesses forget what happened since she was scared of their reactions.  Her best friend Coralee knows of her abilities.

            Bad home life, Dad ran away with school nurse when she was 10 and Mom suicided as a result.  Lives with drunken widowed Aunt who gets abusive at night.

            Personality:  Withdrawn sometimes, but tends to be very nice to everyone when spoken to.  Scared of definite plans because of the fact that they always seem to go the wrong way so just likes to go with the flow of things instead.  It’s harder for things to not go according to plan when there is no plan, right? Part of the popular crowd at school due to her interesting but pretty looks, but is really only friends with Coralee.


 Amber Richards – OCD – Past name: Axenia

Earth Dryad

Faults: Can be a bit of a drama queen and her OCD gets the better of her sometimes making her need to have everything very specific which means she sometimes doesn’t get along with Akina or Seraphina.

Blond hair to mid back with green highlights showing up slowly.  Brown eyes that will change to green.

Gets angry when meeting Coralee and causes an earthquake in school as well as has vines try to tie Coralee up.

Normal home life; grew with loving parents who were home everyday and doted on her as the youngest of three and the only girl.  Twin older brothers in college named Carter and Keith. 

Personality: Outgoing and hyper.  Loves to make friends and likes to help people out when she can do something about it.  Even though she’s a drama queen at times, she always tells the truth when the situation is serious so anyone who knows her, knows that they can count on her in a pinch.  Best friends with Sophia who she’s known since preschool.  When Sophia changed school in high school, she forced her parents to let her move schools too.


Akina Tanaka- fear of spiders – Past name: Ariannah

Fire Dragon

Faults: Slight anger issues and her obsession with the popular Trenton Thorn makes it so no one in school every mentions the name with her in the vicinity otherwise she won’t shut up till Sophia hits her upside the head.  Is hard to control sometimes so all four of her friends have to sometimes gang up on her when she starts ranting in anger.

Looks: short black hair that will gain orange and red streaks as she discovers her powers. Dark brown eyes that will change to a redish orange.  Japanese descent.

Sets fire to a bully’s hair when Sophia gets picked on without Amber around to help her out.

Home life is quite normal.  Her parents spoil her as an only child and she was always allowed to do as she wished, hence why she’s hard to control sometimes.  Goes to the same school as Coralee and Seraphina but she never speaks to them as they are with the popular group and she doesn’t like “preps”.

Personality: Loud, and very vocal about whatever comes to her mind.  She doesn’t care what people think about her and she makes that very obvious.


 Name: Sophia Johnson- Claustrophobic – Past name: Silvina

Water Kelpie

Faults: Really quiet and shy and has self confidence issues.

Looks: Brown hair with blond highlights that turns blue as she gets more powerful.  Light blue eyes that will darken to a midnight blue.

School bully tries to drown her in school water fountain outside and she finds she can breathe just fine in the water.

Home life changes.  One day it can be normal and loving, next it will be hazardous and abusive, but she takes it all, thinking that when she gets abused, it’s just normal discipline.  Sometimes she will get locked in the laundry room which is the smallest in the house for the whole weekend with no lights or food which caused her fear of enclosed spaces.  She refuses to ever step foot in an elevator.

Personality:  Quiet and soft spoken, always afraid that she will bother someone when she speaks up unless she’s around Amber.  With Amber, she is more outgoing and knows that her best friend will always be there for her no matter what she says or does so she doesn’t hold back with her.  Usually lets Amber do all the talking with new people unless she’s spoken to directly.  She’s very loyal and kind hearted and it takes a lot to anger her, but…when she does get angry, then she can get VERY LOUD.

Elevator World


~Name: Ele World (will need better name but this works for now)

~ Main Character:  Damia Colten, 19 years old from Mount Vernon, Washington.  Straight black and purple hair that’s in layers, and dark blue eyes.  Personality will come out as I type, I’ll let Damia decide what kind of personality she wants to have.  She’s 5 ft 4 in, but does like to wear heels to put herself up to at least 5 ft 7 in. 

~Level 1- Schooling level.  Only adults on this level are mentally handicapped, teachers, and caretakers.  They get to live in nicer houses and eat better food.  Children are sent down to this level when they turn 6 to get an education and to live till they show what kind of specialty they have.  They are not given much, so as to “strengthen their hearts” figuring that if they learn to adapt and survive down there, they can be physically and mentally able to survive in whatever field they end up going into.   To get off this level, one must come up with an idea that would be successful on one of the higher levels or catch the eye of one of the scouts from above called Angelics because of how they “save” people from living on that level from time to time.  They can also take a test when they turn 18 to leave the Schooling level and go into their desired field if they haven’t been “saved” by that time.  Parents may go and visit their children on their birthdays and take them gifts and see how they are progressing, but that’s it.   Main character, Damia will be “saved” when she catches the eye of a specific Angelic, named Nitral, who will play a big role in whole scheme of things. 

~Nitral:  23 years old, blond, almost white hair that goes to his shoulders with some light blue streaks, and is 6 ft exactly.  He is an Angelic that doesn’t really like the Elevator system of his world.  Damia catches his eye with how much her new clothes stand out in Level 1 and he “saves” her, sending her to the “Fashion” area on level 2.

~Level 2-The Artistic Level:  The rest of the levels are different from the first.  Once you leave Level 1, or First Floor, you’re sent to the level where you will have the most impact.  Damia will first be sent to the Artistic floor for her clothes since it will be assumed that she designed her clothes herself.  She will be mistaken for a designer and put to work coming up with new clothes for the other levels.  She’ll use designs that are popular in her world first, getting other people to draw them up for her.  At first they’re popular, which gets her noticed by the richer people living in the others levels. Which then gets her noticed by the leaders of the different areas who live on Level 6 and they realize she isn’t from that world.  That’s when she first gets into real trouble.  After getting apprehended by some “Devils” or basically the security, or cops who are all in the Rich people’s pockets, Damia will get away with Nitral’s help and will be taken to Level 3- the Sanctuary/ Industry Level.